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I’d like to say there’s a world of curls under this wrap, but instead this turned into a roller wrap.  I’m just a few days shy of 3 months post relaxer, but my roots are kicking in stubbornly.  I’ve been looking at my favorite natural hair celebrities to figure out how I can start wearing my hair while I’m transitioning.  I don’t like braids– and frankly, I think they’re just as damaging as a relaxer or other harsh products (IMHO)– and my hair isn’t long enough to do a braid out or twist out.  So, I decided to do a wet set to achieve a Corinne Bailey Rae look, when she rocked a shorter curly do.  Unfortunately, I over estimated the length of my new growth (wishful thinking), and I purchased the wrong sized hair rollers.  The curls actually took, but it didn’t give me the spirals I needed to get Corinne’s style.  Oh… the joys of hair transitioning… I’m just glad I had a plan B.  I’ll post pictures of the results (if I’m happy with the outcome).