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No, this isn’t me.  But it’s the look I was hoping to achieve after doing a wet set on Saturday evening.  Is that not the cutest hair?  And I just love Corinne Bailey Rae (her style, voice, and music).  I really think this will be a cute transitioning style while I wait, impatiently, for my hair to grow to a length that’s more manageable.  Unfortunately, the rollers I used were not small enough; hence, the reason I had to do a roller wrap.

Ta dah!!! Well, what do you think? (Pardon the ghostly pale look)  This is the result of the roller wrap.  After I finished rolling my hair, I cleaned house a little and cooked, so it air dried for a few hours.  But my hair is extremely thick, so I still ended up sitting under my soft bonnet hair dryer for about an hour.  I took the rollers out, combed it out, then took a soft bristle brush to my hair to wrap it and tied it up in my satin wrap cap.  When I woke up yesterday morning, I combed it out and fingered my bangs and ends… and… voila!  I guess I like it.  The lighting in my apartment is not great (partly responsible for giving me that awesome ghostly look), so I don’t know if you can tell, but my hair kind of came out like a textured shag.  I haven’t had a haircut since I cut it all off  (really short) in December, so the new growth gives it that messy look, which is just fine with me because I love messy hair.

And, this is me on day 2 of the roller wrap.  I know, I’m shiney (that’s about 10 hours worth of oil… but at least I lost the ghostly look).  I just re-wrapped it, dabbed a little Organix Coconut Milk anti-breakage serum in for a little sheen, brushed, and manipulated it with my fingers again before rushing out the door.  It’s been extremely humid the last few days and more rain is expected this week, so I’m cautiously hopeful that it holds up at least until Wednesday.  If I can go the whole week, even better.  Here’s to a great hair week!  I hope.