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Hard to believe that one year ago today the world was rocked with sad news that the King of Pop died.  I remember I was home surfing the internet for job opportunities in L.A. and D.C.  when I saw a slug on MSN that M.J. was in the hospital, and that he had allegedly suffered a heart attack.  I thought it was a rumor, and I didn’t even bother to click on the link.  Then I went on Yahoo to check one of my email accounts, and saw that he had allegedly died.  What?  That can’t be true

I ran into the living room and quickly flipped on the TV to CNN, but surprisingly, CNN was reporting that he was in the hospital and they were awaiting more news.  I think I watched CNN for at least 30 minutes– maybe longer– before they confirmed that the man who gave us the moonwalk had, indeed, passed away.  The cameras panned to all of his fans from the streets of L.A. and New York.  They were all crying, but even though I had just heard that my childhood crush had left this earth, I couldn’t bring myself to tears.  I was in disbelief.  Actually, like millions of other fans who grew up listening to this phenomenon, I think I was in shock. 

Within seconds, “R.I.P. Michael Jackson” filled Facebook and Twitter statuses.  Texts were coming in from all of my friends and relatives that they couldn’t believe he had died.  MTV immediately began a marathon of MJ’s greatest music videos, and radio stations followed suit, only playing his greatest hits.  I called my mom, who was also in disbelief, and we barely said anything as we watched more coverage of tributes on various TV stations.  I know we’re not on this earth forever, but I just didn’t think I would witness the demise of one of the greatest entertainers– if not the greatest– at such a young age.  I thought we’d be blessed with his music for years to come.  It was just weird to fathom that he was gone… forever. 

Again, like so many around the world, I grew up watching Michael Jackson and his brothers.  I remember watching the Jackon 5 variety show as a little girl with my parents.  I remember singing his songs around the house.  I remember trying to do the moonwalk, and kicking my leg the way only Mike could.  I remember how infatuated I was with the Thriller video.  And, O… M… G… who could forget the Remember the Time video?  But my all-time favorite video has to be Smooth Criminal.  I get goose bumps just thinking about the way he moves in that video.  So in his honor, here’s one of the greatest music videos ever made, along with my all-time favorite song by Mike, Lady in My Life– performed by Maxwell in a special tribute (and he did a fabulous job.  Mike would be proud). 

R.I.P Michael Jackson.  I’m so grateful we have a lifetime of your music to remember you by.