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I first heard Esperanza on the radio back in 2006 while I was driving.  The station was on a local station that I usually listened to on Saturday mornings because the dj didn’t play mainstream music.  As I pulled into the covered parking lot of my apartment building, her song came on and I was instantly hooked.  I sat in my car until the song ended so I could hear the name of the song and artist. 

When the dj said it was a song released from her debut album– Junjo— I immediately ran into my apartment, logged onto my computer, and searched for her name.  It led me to her website where samples of songs from her album were available.  And it was at that moment that I became a fan.

She’s not only a great vocalist, but a talented composer and musician.  She’s known more as a bassist, but she plays an array of instruments.  And she does it while looking stylish at all times.

Esperanza performing during a tribute to Prince during the 2010 BET Awards