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How many of you can relate?  You wash your hair, but within minutes your fingernails are embedded into your scalp and you’re scratching uncontrollably.  You could wash your hair on a daily basis and still have a bad case of the itchies. 

Talk about preaching to the choir.  I’ve tried everything from pure tea tree oil, rosemary oil to using shampoos that claim it will wash the itch away and moisturizing my scalp.  Still, nothing helped.  Then I saw this YouTube video about an apple cider vinegar hair rinse and its benefits.  I knew a little about the health benefits of ACV: (1) clear skin conditions and blemishes, (2) improve bowel irregularity, (3) decrease blood pressure, (4) aid in losing weight, but putting it in my hair never crossed my mind.

Anyway, the video claimed that ACV rinses seals the cuticle, smooths the hair shaft, defines curl, promotes moisture retention and eliminates itcy scalp.  ELIMINATES ITCHY SCALP!  Could this be the remedy that I’ve been searching for?  And if so, sign me up! 

I originally started using ACV about 4 years ago because of my stomach condition (IBS), and I always had a bottle of Braggs in the fridge.  But when I ran out, I never replaced it.  I bought a new bottle last weekend and was finally able to do the rinse this past Friday.  I washed and conditioned as normal, then detangled.  I then mixed 1 tablespoon  of ACV to 1 cup of water and applied the entire contents to my hair.  After the application, I massaged my scalp and let it sit for about 2 minutes before I rinsed and re-conditioned. 

Did the rinse work?  Sort of.  As you know, I’m transitioning to my natural hair texture (just one week shy of being 4 months post relaxer), so I have to immediately apply a leave-in conditioner just to get the comb through.  Immediately I noticed the definition of curls on my new growth.  Besides using a leave-in conditioner as a part of my hair care regimen, I’ve been roller setting as a way to eliminate direct heat.  Let me tell you, when I took the rollers out after my hair completely dried, my curls were shiny, spring, soft to the touch, it felt completely moisturized, and I had no problems running my fingers through my hair.  But the itch was still there.  *Sigh!*  I will say that the itch didn’t occur immediately after, but it did still itch. 

Will I discontinue the ACV rinse?  No.  I loved the end result despite my continuous itchy scalp.  I’ll just have to keep researching ways to get rid of this age-old nuisance. 

Have you done an ACV rinse?  Tell me your story.