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My days and nights have been filled with living in my head, developing characters and stories, and writing.  In the midst of this are classes, work, and traveling home for the holidays.  Sadly, though I had an awesome Thanksgiving, my break consisted of more writing; not much of a break.  I’m in my last year of school, and working vigorously on my thesis.  It’s a collection of race-based short stories and let me tell you, though I was and still am stoked about the premise, it’s been a little hard writing the stories.  I didn’t think writing it would be so hard.  It’s not necessarily hard thinking of stories, I just want to write honestly and do the stories justice. 

In workshops, my biggest critiques are that I write too nicely, or that the stories are too idyllic.  In a meeting I had with one of my thesis advisors, the subject came up again, and I told him that I’ve been trying to write uninhibitedly but I’m struggling.  He asked me why that is, and truthfully, it’s because I do care what other people think of me.  I told him that I need to separate myself: there’s me the person, and me the writer.  He agreed and suggested I literally start wearing a hat of sorts when I’m writing. 

I have plenty in my closets, which will come in handy because by the time I’m finished writing my thesis, I’ll probably be bald from pulling my hair out.