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Picture it.  North Texas, 2008.  I was enroute to Ft. Worth for a little shopping and R&R when suddenly this guitar groove sings over the airwaves, then, queue the voice.  That voice.  This beautiful, crystal, angelic voice with amazing control and range singing lovely lyrics.  I was hooked and then this amazing voice sang the chorus: Oh, I have been waiting for all of this. You, finally found you, my love has arrived.  Once there was me, now there’s you and I.  O.M.G.  She was singing the words I so hope I’m able to tell the love of my life (whoever and where ever he is) whenever he finds me.  

I enjoyed grooving as the cool, spring breeze blew in my face.  It was the perfect song for a lovely, sunny afternoon.  I was already in a good mood because I was off from work, and I found myself smiling as I sang along to… who is this?  As much as I loved the song, I couldn’t wait for it to end so the radio personality could I.D. this talented artist.  There’s nothing that excites me more than good, original music.  I needed to know who she was so I could go home to find her on iTunes and download the song, or, wait, maybe she has an album.  So, imagine my frustration when the song ended and another followed.

After a day of shopping, I headed back to Wichita Falls where I was working at a local TV station at the time, and preceded to drive the two hours back.  Wouldn’t you know it, the song played again, TWICE!  And after both plays, the song and artist still remained unidentified.  Ugh!  But the chorus was still in my head.  When I settled into my apartment, I logged on to my computer, went to my trusty search engine, and Googled the chorus.  EUREKA!  There it was: Emily King, U & I.  Finally I had a name and title to go with the voice and chorus.

Of course, I had to read more about her and I found out she had just been signed to J Records. 

Fast forward almost three years later, U & I was in my head a few nights ago and like most fans, I thought to myself that it’s time we hear from Emily again.  I Googled her to see if she had new music out.  I live in Pittsburgh, and unfortunately, it’s one of the first cities to experience the demise of black radio, so I’m always late with new R&B. 

Sure enough, when I went to Emily’s website, I was excited to see that she has a new album coming out soon and she’s been touring the local NYC circuit promoting it.  Excited and shocked, actually, because I read that J Records dropped Emily and she’s now an unsigned artist.  How does that happen? 

Her website has an album sampler and I listened to it over and over.  I cannot wait to purchase it when it hits iTunes.  

Like I said, Emily’s hitting the NYC circuit, which is her hometown.  If you live in the New York area, or you’re lucky enough to be there this Friday, February 4, please do yourself a favor and check her out.  This chic is BAD!  See the above video flier for details and don’t forget to listen to her album sampler.  My favorite song so far is “Down.”  I so hope she gets picked up by another record company soon, because talent like this deserves to be signed.

This is just a sampler of what she sounds like live: