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I’ve been tinkering with the idea to give it up, temporarily, for Lent.  The idea entered my mind while listening to a Money Smart Guy podcast.  In this particular podcast, Matt Sapaula interviewed one of his clients who was influenced by the book Missed Fortune 101, and he commented that his client “…turned the TV off to study the book.”  Then one of Matt’s co-hosts said her television is in her garage.

Guilty as charged, I’m a self-proclaimed TV junkie, and proud of it.  I’ve been glued to the TV since childhood, watching shows like The Facts of Life, Different Strokes, and the like, and the madness never stopped.  Now I enjoy shows like Blue Bloods, Parenthood, Friday Night Lights, and I can’t wait until the new season of Army Wives, which starts this month.  I even have a weakness for certain reality shows.  So when his co-host mentioned her TV is in the garage, my eyes slightly bugged out of my head.  But to my adult mind, it’s not unfathomable.  In fact, it was kind of an aha moment. 

Immediately, I began to think of how productive I’d be if I simply said no to TV.  I do, after all, have things to do: Tons of school work, a thesis to complete, blog, a business to establish, resumes to send out, and job interviews to attend (I haven’t gotten any calls, YET, but I’m optimistically expecting my phone to start ringing soon.).  Then I remembered Lent is nearing.  Yes, I can give up television for lent!  For 40 straight days, I’d have spare time to work on things that will help me excel to the next level. 

Let’s face it, as entertaining as television may be, it’s distracting.  How many times have you had full intention on working on something only to get distracted by your favorite show?  And now that we live in the days of DVRs and full TV episodes online, it’s hard to actually “miss” your favorite show.  Hence, my dilemma.  Am I really going to give up television for 40 days, or am I going to make a conscious decision to not watch it during the day while I’m home, and instead, catch up on what I’ve missed via the internet?  I mean, even smokers don’t quit over night.  They have to wing themselves off of nicotine with aids such as the patch and nicotine gum. 

Can a TV junkie be reformed?  Of course.  The real question is: Can this TV junkie (me) be reformed?  Ash Wednesday isn’t until March 9, so I still have 11 days to figure out how I’m going to break up with my first love.  OK, we’ll just be taking a break. 

To be continued…