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Currently, this is me, playing the waiting game. Except I don’t own a pair of pink heels. I had two interviews this past week, and I’ve been patiently waiting (until today) for a phone call. The job I really want is an editing job in Austin, and who could blame me. What’s not to love about the Lone Star’s capital?

It’s the home of the University of Texas–one of the finest higher education institutions in the nation. It’s the Silicon Valley of the South and provides opportunities for businesses–established and starter companies. It sits on Lake Travis, which is a double plus, considering I love the water. I can’t swim a lick, but I have an affinity to the water and water sports. I see myself owning a WaveRunner and a boat once I’m settled there. There are year-round festivals, the city hosts South by Southwest (SXSW), it has a large music scene, and it’s a haven for anyone in the arts.

If all that isn’t enough, no one can argue the beauty that Austin has to offer.

God, I hope I get a phone call today.